The King and His People

It was the last day of mourning for the late King Sihanouk when I decided to immerse with his people and capture the gritty and dirty details of what was happening during that time. It sure was chaos which was constantly injected by the tear-inducing incense smoke and, of course, the pungent smell of sweat. But amidst of all these unorganized clutter, you can really feel the warmth and love of the people for their King.

May you rest in peace King Norodom Sihanouk.

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Return of the King

Last October 15 the abdicated King of Cambodia, Norodom Sihanouk, died in Beijing China at the age of 89. It was during his time that the Khmer Kingdom flourished in Southeast Asia both in culture and in the arts. Phnom Penh, back then, was ready to take off as the cultural zenith of the region only to be thwarted by the Khmer Rouge.

As I am not a photojournalist, I don’t need take photos of people crying, the royal family crying and other dramatic stuff. I just want to describe, in general, what was happening when King Sihanouk returned to his home.

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