To Steve

First and foremost, you are the person who is responsible for connecting the words “mouse”, “apple” and “computers”.

You changed the way people view computers as a computing tool to a creative medium.

You made people realize the importance of typography and design.

You inspired the most amazing advertisements that people have seen during the last century.

You showed us what is the meaning of sleek and savvy.

You found a way to make use of our pants’ watch pocket in a new way.

You showed people that efficient is not enough – you have to make it beautiful.

You bridged the gap between the geeks and the world. Well you even made the geeks look cool.

You made a lot of stupid people look smart just by clutching your rectangular shiny thing with an apple insignia.

You showed the world that simplicity is beauty.

You showed people that it is not enough to be a genius, you have to be creative.

And you showed a lot of parents around the world that it is ok for their kids to watch a lot of sci-fi on  TV because you yourself watched a lot of science fiction. That is why I am not surprised that the Star Trek Communicator looks very much the iPhone.

You made a lot of amazing things that only a few of us can imagine.

You showed us that, maybe, thinking differently is the just what the world needs right now.

You are and will always be remembered.

You can rest now.

World Wide Photo Walk 2011 Photo Set

I organized this years photo walk in Phnom Penh and it was fun! 🙂 About 40 people participated in the photo walk that started in front of the National Museum circling Wat Phnom and going back to the National Museum. These are my outakes during the photo walk. I tried sticking to one approach/genre which is street photography. I hope you like what you see.

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