July Random 18

Random photos of Cambodia and it’s people for the moth of July. These photos were taken from countryside fishponds to urban patterns.

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Borky on Behance

Hello visitor! My photos of Cambodia are currently featured in Behance network. Please take time to visit and click the “appreciate this” button in the site. Or if you have a behance profile, you can follow my work and I will follow you also so we discuss and share subjects on photography. Here are the links:

the projects:

Unseen Prey Veng

Prey Veng (Long Forest) is the poorest province in Cambodia. According to the census in 2008, Prey Veng has a population of nearly a million people. This densely populated agricultural region is located on the east bank of the Mekong. The name literally means “long forest” in Khmer, but the last great forests have gradually disappeared there over 30 years to provide for agricultural land. These are the unseen images of this province.

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