December – January Street photos

I haven’t been around for a while. SP many things happened in the past few months and it got me focused on art directing and thinking about the direction of my photography. I don’t have a clear picture now but I am  trying my best to create my “own”, specially in terms of Street Photography. One thing is sure though –

sometimes it helps that I don’t have a camera in hand and let me use my mind’s eye on how to approach (or attack) a scene that interests me.

Anyway enough talk, here are some images.

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High Risk: Documenting the Lives of People Vulnerable to HIV

About a month ago I was commissioned by an NGO here in Cambodia to document the lives of people in “high risk” of contracting HIV and AIDS. Yes it’s my first work as serious documentary photographer and the first time I’ve been in contact with certain kinds of people that we do not usually meet in our mundane lives.  The experience is very new to me, very far from what I usually do at the streets of Phnom Penh, and this is where I realized that when you are not close enough it means that you aren’t connected enough. When I say “connected” it means that being in touch with your subject on different level so that “you can be there, without being there” and let your subject open up to you like a flower spreading it’s petals. The next thing you know, you are photographing their room, kitchen, bathroom and cupboards. This blog post’s intention is for teaser purposes only, the documentary will come out as a book in December so if you are in Cambodia, watch out for it.

I trust the visitors of this site would not put hateful comments and judgmental remarks, after all they still deserve our respect as human beings.

Orphan Vulnerable Children

These are children who’s parents are either HIV infected or parents who are in the “high-risk” category.

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October Random

I’ve been away from the city for a while to do a documentary on people living with HIV and AIDS in the Provinces of Cambodia. Sadly I cannot post them right now because I cannot release the photos once it is published. Here are some stolen shots from what I have been doing, some of these are from the flooding experiences by the people in Siem Reap.

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