Street photography is Personal

Street photography is personal. You make the photos for yourself first.
You don’t make the photographs to get fan boys. Honestly, I think that that’s what they’re going for … to get legions of fan boys for validation.

-Chris Weeks

It is one of the rare occasions that I would suggest a good read about Street Photography. This is an interview on Chris Weeks, an LA based photographer, by Alex Coghe on what is happening in Street Photography today. It is a good article, so honest and straight to the point that it made me rethink about why I have a camera in the first place – and where would I be heading next.

Here’s another sampling from Chris Weeks:

Unfortunately, many of those who “own a camera” now think they’re a credible photographer because 10 people told them they were on Flickr.  The higher the price of the camera the more some think they know about photography.  I find this to be true with a lot of people who own cameras with red dots on them.  Because they spent many thousands of dollars or euros or yen or yuan or whatever … they think that surely the moment they make photos with them … their own photography has grown in leaps and bounds.  Visit any forum with a lot of these owners hanging around.  Check out their photos.  You’ll see exactly what I mean.  Even though they could be an engineer, a rich executive, usually a dentist, or even a wealthy retiree they all also think that because they’ve spent the national debt of Angola on equipment that they KNOW photography better than those who’ve spent little.  I’ve actually found the exact opposite to be true.  Some of the best photographers I know – whether they’re published in a traditional sense or not – use not-so-great equipment yet still make fantastic frames.

These kinds of “viewers” of photographs aren’t usually qualified enough to make anything other than technical observations.  The sad thing is … is that they don’t even know they’re not qualified.

But hey!  I can spend USD20,000 on gear, another USD10,000 on a trip to Africa and now I’m an international photojournalist!

So here’s the link:


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