December – January Street photos

I haven’t been around for a while. SP many things happened in the past few months and it got me focused on art directing and thinking about the direction of my photography. I don’t have a clear picture now but I am  trying my best to create my “own”, specially in terms of Street Photography. One thing is sure though –

sometimes it helps that I don’t have a camera in hand and let me use my mind’s eye on how to approach (or attack) a scene that interests me.

Anyway enough talk, here are some images.

I guess I’m inspired by monks… hehehe



  1. Great captures. One thing that surprises many tourists to SE Asia is that monks are smoking cigarettes and using iPhones. Actually alot of monks aren’t really monks at all per se. They may have committed a crime and could have chosen between jail or being a monk for 3 months. Still others are a monk for a determined amount of time before marriage.

    The B/W shots are solid!



  2. Ciao, really good work, right on about sometimes keeping the camera in hand and letting the mind see…also sometimes it’s better not to take the picture because sometimes we just take and not think why we are doing it. Best to leave some people their dignity. Love the black and white, pic No 10 for me would be better in color, too much is lost inside the restaurant in the shadows. ciao Lynne



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