Semana Santa

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Holy Week brings the Philippines to a standstill every year however a colorful display of penitence on Good Friday is paraded in the town of Kapitangan in Malolos/Paombong, Bulacan. This is where men have themselves nailed to a cross after reenacting the Via Crucis – the Filipino rendition of the passion play. See dozens of hooded flagellants walking around whom either are beating their bloody backs with bamboo floggers, crawling on dirt roads or bearing crosses. Be sure to bring a hat with you because all the action goes beyond noon. It is certainly not for those who hate the sight of blood




  1. This and will be interesting as I am going to the Semana Santa and the passion etc in rural Spain at Easter this year so it will be interesting to see the difference.




    1. Although the practice came from Spain itself, the Filipinos (we) localized it and added the “blood” element. I’m not sure though, holler me if you have photos from your trip. It would be interesting to see 🙂



  2. Yep you are right, as I understand it there is no blood involved but I think it will still be an inteesting experience.

    And will do




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